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  • Alarum. Retreat. Enter YORK, RICHARD, WARWICK,
    and Soldiers, with drum and colours

  • Of Salisbury, who can report of him,
    That winter lion, who in rage forgets
    Aged contusions and all brush of time,
    And, like a gallant in the brow of youth,
    Repairs him with occasion? This happy day
    Is not itself, nor have we won one foot,
    If Salisbury be lost.

  • My noble father,
    Three times to-day I holp him to his horse,
    Three times bestrid him; thrice I led him off,
    Persuaded him from any further act:
    But still, where danger was, still there I met him;
    And like rich hangings in a homely house,
    So was his will in his old feeble body.
    But, noble as he is, look where he comes.


  • Now, by my sword, well hast thou fought to-day;
    By the mass, so did we all. I thank you, Richard:
    God knows how long it is I have to live;
    And it hath pleased him that three times to-day
    You have defended me from imminent death.
    Well, lords, we have not got that which we have:
    'Tis not enough our foes are this time fled,
    Being opposites of such repairing nature.

  • I know our safety is to follow them;
    For, as I hear, the king is fled to London,
    To call a present court of parliament.
    Let us pursue him ere the writs go forth.
    What says Lord Warwick? shall we after them?

  • After them! nay, before them, if we can.
    Now, by my faith, lords, 'twas a glorious day:
    Saint Alban's battle won by famous York
    Shall be eternized in all age to come.
    Sound drums and trumpets, and to London all:
    And more such days as these to us befall!