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  • Flourish. Enter KING EDWARD IV in triumph; with
    GLOUCESTER, CLARENCE, and the rest

  • Thus far our fortune keeps an upward course,
    And we are graced with wreaths of victory.
    But, in the midst of this bright-shining day,
    I spy a black, suspicious, threatening cloud,
    That will encounter with our glorious sun,
    Ere he attain his easeful western bed:
    I mean, my lords, those powers that the queen
    Hath raised in Gallia have arrived our coast
    And, as we hear, march on to fight with us.

  • A little gale will soon disperse that cloud
    And blow it to the source from whence it came:
    The very beams will dry those vapours up,
    For every cloud engenders not a storm.

  • The queen is valued thirty thousand strong,
    And Somerset, with Oxford fled to her:
    If she have time to breathe be well assured
    Her faction will be full as strong as ours.

  • We are advertised by our loving friends
    That they do hold their course toward Tewksbury:
    We, having now the best at Barnet field,
    Will thither straight, for willingness rids way;
    And, as we march, our strength will be augmented
    In every county as we go along.
    Strike up the drum; cry 'Courage!' and away.